Saturday, January 14, 2012

Finally An Update!!

I really wish I were better at blogging...but obviously not enough to do something about it!
Here is a quick update on my family:
Andy is loving Kindergarten! He loves books and he loves to be challenged.
Maddex loves preschool and thinks all the little girls in his class are cute!
Both boys have taken a growth spurt! Pants that fit them at the first of the school year are now floody! Both boys received nintedo 3DS system for christmas. Seriously, I don't know what Santa was thinking!
Dane is full of it! This kid has strong emotions! He laughs his head off when he's happy, makes his super sad face when he's sad. Loves to have fun! Is talking like crazy, new words every day! I seriously can't look at him without smiling. He has Brandon and I wrapped aroung his little finger!
Brandon had his ACL replaced in October. He is feeling better but the doc said it will take about a year for it to feel normal again. Having him home has been wonderful! I've been so spoiled! He helps out with the kids so much. He will most likely be returning to work the first of Februrary. It will be a hard adjustment for me and the kids. We've had so much family time it's been so awesome to spent this much time together, I'm sad for it to come to an end.

Right before they rolled him into surgery. Does he look a little nervous?

I know Halloween was a long time ago, but I couldn't not post my kids in their costumes.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Something you NEVER Thought You'd See!!!!!

ME AS A BRUNETTE!!!! Don't get to use to this. My hair is going into hybernation this winter, taking a break from bleach to restore health, but by next spring, I will be a blonde again....if I can wait that long

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Bailey News

Update on Andy: He started KINDERGARTEN a couple weeks ago! It was so hard for me that first day, but after seeing how much he enjoys it, it makes it easier letting him grow up. He loves learning, reading, riding his bike, watching Boston Redsox games, playing "mario brothers", playing with his brothers, fourwheeling, camping, fishing, and basically anything to do with going in the mountains. He is so smart, he always catches me off gaurd, correcting me and surprising me with how observant he is. He is EXTREMELY observant. Seriously, you can't put anything past this kid! He loves to laugh and have fun. He is my "ray of sunshine".

Update on Maddex: He started his second year of preschool this past week. It has been really hard for him previous weeks watching Andy come to and from school, when he wanted to go to school so bad. He was estatic his first day. I was worried he would have a hard time without Andy there, but he did just fine. He LOVES playing the Wii, going in the mountains, doing absolutely anything with his dad, tormenting his baby brother, making people laugh, playing in the yard, bugs, and getting dirty! He is a very sweet spirited little boy.
Update on Dane: Just when I think his personality couldn't get any bigger, it grows. He is a full of energy, happy 15 month old. When I'm having a off day, this kid's smile completely turns it around. He loves playing with balls. Throwing balls, chasing balls, kicking balls, catching balls. He is also at a tough age, pulling EVERYTHING out, and scattering. Keeping my house picked up is near impossible. He loves going "bye bye", the outside, animals, and his "Da Da".

Brandon and I are doing well. Though it's been kind of a sad, softball-free summer. He misses playing, and I miss watching. His knee has improved since the accident, but he will be undergoing surgery to replace his ACL at the first of November. So I'm sure we will have a lot of card games to play together, and Redsox games to watch!
Well, I guess thats about it for now. Hope everyone is doing well!

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Lots of changes!

So lots has happened since my last post. This is Brandon's leg in a hardcast from thigh to ankle. I'll get to that story momentarily.
Things I've missed blogging about:
*Maddex turned 4 yrs in Februrary. He loves being a big brother and loves being "in charge" of Dane.
* Brandon and I celebrated our 7th anniversary in April.(wow!)
*Brandon turned the big 30 April 5th. Ironically, he aquired a cane on the day of his birthday. He was involved in an accident at work. I received "the phone call", the thing I dread most, being the wife of a coalminer, early in the morning. He was struck by a miner cable. Don't feel bad if you don't know what that is. (I didn't know either) It's basically the same thing as a normal power cord, except about 6 inches in diameter. I'm so lucky I'm not a widow. Lucky that he took the hit in the knee and not the face. It "exploded" his MCL, partially tore his ACL and caused excessive bone bruising and internal bleeding. He Just returned to work this week and has come a long way as far as healing, but still has a long way to go.
His cake.

Dane is the funnest baby EVER. This picture was taken today. As you can see he is growing up fast. He celebrated his 1st birthday in May and is now walking all over the place. He has brought more joy to this family than I ever thought possible. He completes our family. I'm so sad that he is growing up too fast!
Andy and Maddex graduated preschool in May.

Andy and Maddex have been having lots of fun playing tee ball this year.
Andy will be starting kindergarten in the fall. He is soooo ready. He is so smart and loves to learn.
This post will have to do as a quicky update of our family! Hope everyone is doing well!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Family Pictures, 2010

Ok, so I finally got these to upload! We got family pictures taken with my side of the family. Jammie Hansen took them and, not supriseingly, did a great job.
the grandkids
All of us
My Boys.

My AWESOME mom and dad.

Andy Turns FIVE!

My first born had a birthday last week and is officially a FIVE YEAR OLD! Where time has gone, I really don't know.

I don't know why, but every year, Andy picks an un-popular theme for his birthday party, thus making it more work for me and more difficult to pull off. Super man party supplies are nowhere to be found in sanpete county! This superman doll you see next to his cake was once "Havoc", a popular wrestler, I believe, which came from the dollar store. He was naked, except for black panties and black boots. I painted his super man clothing on and made his cape and super glued it on! It turned out to be much funner than I had anticipated... Then I made this cake. Bought red, yellow and blue balloons, and WALLAH! A Super man party!

My SUPER 5 Yr. old!!
Had to get a pic of the cousins. Don't you just love the Bell dress Savanna is sporting?!
And this picture is just to make you're smiling, aren't you!

Oh, and one more thing. We had family pictures taken, one of them being on the top of our blog. I really wanted to post them all, but for some reason I can't get them to upload on a post...or on facebook. It says it's uploading...for hours, but just doesn't do it. So if anyone has any idea what the problem could be, or has any idea how I could get it to work, I would really appreciate any advice!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

When we lose our humanity......'s a sad thing.

12:00 midnight, walmart. Chaos is exploding around me. Everywhere there's movment. I'm the only one standing still, trying to obsorb what's happening, with eyes wide, mouth hanging open. I see people getting hit in the head, shoved to the ground, and still I stand, starring, absorbing.I can't help but think of a starving pride of lions, fighting over a carcuss. That's when I decide, there is no "good deal" or "great savings" that would be worth acting like a wild animal. I must escape, and somehow I do.

I have promised myself never to return. My humanity is far to precious to me....